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Happy New Year's Guys
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 | 0 comment(s)

Hepy new year's guy..

Isyq want talk something for you.. 
haaaaaaaaa,, so best!!

A moment ago,, exect 11.30 o'clock... 
isya and my cousin go away in The Curve KL then wait..

Are you know what is i wait??
 I wait for FIREWoRK!! hahahxxx

So many people in curve..
actually, so many people wait for Firework..

People's is come far away willing come 2 or 12 o'clock.. 
because we want to parking!!
bule dOrang tgu firewOrk tuh smpy mqlqm.. 
exect 12 o'clock..
blurrr~ I dont willing!!
Isya doesn't go away with alone..
isya go away with
Untie Karina , Nina , My sis rienna ,  same Bibik..

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