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// Isya MishCandy

Bored!! :(
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 | 0 comment(s)

I'm so bord!!!
I want shopping.. Bsanlh ddok termenong kt umah je...
Next week..Isya pergi KL ngan family..
But,,,bkan family je.. My cousin pon pegi jgak..
Rmai sgat...Rimaslh plak....Hehehe..:)
Actually, Isya pegi KL nie cause buat mkan2 kt rmah cousin je..
Bestlh... Haha..Isya pegi sne FRIDAY..
Mlm..Blik Sunday...Tk skolahlh Monday..
Maybe pnat sgt kot...Hahaah..

Buat ape Isya crite psal kt KL ni...Hehehe...

Isya boringlh...Ape kte kite nyanyi..Nk tak??
Tak nak...Takpelah,,biar Isya nyanyi sendiri..
Em em..

I really thought you were the one
It was over before it begun
It's so hard for me to walk away
But I know I can't stay

You're beautiful and crazy too
Maybe that's why I fell into you
Even though you would pretend to be
You were never with me

So it's over yeah we're through, so I'm a unfriend you
You're the best liar ever knew, so I'll unfriend you
Cause I should have known, right from the start
I'm deleting you right from my heart
Yeah it's over, my last move is to unfriend you

Best tk Isya nyanyi...Ade sengau tak???Hahaha...
Korang tahu tak ni lgu ape??
Ermm,,xnk bgi thulah...Penyanyi lgu ni adelah Hero sye...
OR my husband...WOW..Tibe2 je..
Tak nk bgi thulh..

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